Thank you for helping to make 2020 a year of education and stewardship!

This year's countdown is over, but the 2021 Stewardship Countdown will begin on May 24th, 2021, with many exciting additions (and giveaways)! In the meantime, please enjoy the 2020 countdown, and thank you for helping to plant the seeds of ginseng conservation through education and stewardship! Join us in celebrating this incredible and important plant for 100 days as we learn about Wild American Ginseng and how to ensure its future through awareness, education, conscious consumerism & stewardship.

There are many ways to be a good steward any time of year!

  • Share and help plant the seeds of ginseng education and stewardship! 

  • If you don't dig ginseng, you can still help by supporting businesses who sustainably source slow growing, at-risk botanicals like ginseng, goldenseal, black cohosh and blue cohosh.


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