Welcome to 100 Days of Ginseng: Stewardship Countdown 2022

Thank you to all who helped make 2020 a year of education and stewardship!

Please be on the lookout for some big announcements this year!

Please follow along with the countdown below, read through the resources on this website,

and share with those who might be interested in wild American ginseng!


Though ginseng season starts on September 1st, in most states,

there are many ways to have an impact all year round!

  • Please share and help to plant the seeds of ginseng education and stewardship! 

  • If you interact with ginseng plants, learn more about becoming a good steward and plant every seed!

  • If you don't interact with ginseng, you can still help by supporting businesses who sustainably source slow growing, at-risk botanicals like ginseng, goldenseal, black cohosh and blue cohosh.

Please note: this educational campaign is written for the purpose of helping to conserve wild American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius L.), and it's remaining populations. When mentioning wild American ginseng, this refers to populations in the wild, that are naturally occurring and not introduced from commercially available seeds and plants. The need to cultivate American ginseng to meet market demand over the years has changed the makeup of this native species, and sometimes it's important to make the distinction between cultivated and wild ginseng. Conservation through cultivation is an important part of a broad strategy to preserve wild American ginseng for future generations.